Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long Overdue

So I went to Disneyland again this year for New Year's. Best decision. I don't think I can spend New Year's in Fresno ever again. This year I went with a different group than last year. We had a BLAST! This year we also went to California Adventure as well as Disneyland. I also conqured all my roller coaster fears by going on ALL of the rides I thought I would NEVER EVER go on. But, I will never go on the Tower of Terror again. Just sitting here thinking about it is making my stomach all butterflies and such nonsense. Craig, Drew and Ashlee...fairis wheel fun
Craig and Drew enjoying the Fairis Wheel

I have no idea what this ride is's at California Adventure and we did not go on it because it was already raining and we did not want to get even more wet but I thought it looked pretty cool.
View from the fairis wheel down to where they are building the new attraction...don't remember what it's going to be called...
I love this picture!
The Golden Gate Bridge in California Adventure
Drew, Craig, Melissa and Amy in front of It's a Small World
It's a Small World in all it's lit up glory.
Yes, we made Craig go on it's a Small world..even though he really didn't want to.
It's just not a trip to Disneyland with out a trip a round the world....
GIANT snowflakes inside the ride.
Amy, Craig, Melissa, Ashlee, and Drew while waiting in line for Peter Pan...Ashlee's favorite ride
Drew and Craig on a pirate ship going towards never never land...
Second star to the right and straight on until morning...

All these pictures wer taken on the first day of our trip...I was horrible at taking pictures this year! I wish I had been better! I had so much fun and can't wait until next year! Sorry for the lack of pictures but if you want to see a little more..check out Ashlee's blog and look for her entry of the trip. Hope your New Years and Christmas was Great! I know I didn't post anything about Christmas...but just a little info on was fabulous! Great Christmas...not a lot of pictures...sorry. We had a great Christmas! Hope yours was wonderful too!


I love the Fresno fog! I know most people don't enjoy the fog, but I l-o-v-e it! I know it makes people nervous to drive in and I know you can't see anything but it's like being wrapped in a blanket. I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago through the front window of my house.....
I love pictures of trees...I know mostly pointless but there used to be this picture at Target of this one tree and it was of this tree in the winter, with snow on the ground and fog all around it...I LOVED that was like $100.00 so of course I didn't get it although if I had had $100.00 to spare it would be hanging on my wall right now. Anyway, I love pictures of trees, especially in the fog, in the winter with all their bare branches. It just makes me feel all tingly inside. So I'd thought I'd share the tingly feeling with you.

What do you do in the Wintertime when all the world is dark?

Well I found my camera cord that connects my camera to the computer! Yahoo for me. And I've just now gotton around to putting all these pictures on the computer. So for your information and viewing pleasure this is what we do in the wintertime when all the world is dark...
We go puddle walking/jumping in our backyard..
Yes these puddles are in our very backyard just for the jumping!

All smiles
Bubbles walking along
It's so much fun to go puddle jumping with Mom
We also play with cornstarch and water
And Aunt Sarah is always up for joining in the fun!
We dress up...A LOT!!
See? We even put make-up on!
We give kisses(please excuse the way I was a saturday with nothing to do and no where to go...)
We dance to LOUD music in our bathroooms...
Handsome little boys turn into little superheros (see he even has a cape!)
And play more dress up..notice the wings...
And we dress up our little boy cousins from Indiana in wings...
And we build massive forts...and read books in them...and they are our fairy tale castles
Lots and Lots of dress up
And we have beautiful days together playing and laughing and then one day the sun comes out and gives us a beautiful rainbow...and I know you can't tell in this picture but it was acutally raining when I took the picture...
That's what we do in the wintertime when all the world is dark...What do you do?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

4 Things....

So Ashlee tagged me, and I thought, why not? Now, I stole from answers from her becuase lets face it she had some great things to say, like the whole parents thing...anyway, enjoy...

4 shows i like to watch:
2. NCIS:Los Angeles
3. One Tree Hill(guilty pleasure)
4. Bones

4 things i am passionate about:
1. Family
2. Doing the right thing
3. gaining exultation
4. So my 4th I don't know if I would say I'm passionate about it I really enjoy photography as of late.

4 words or phrases i say often:
1. I hurt
2. You're asking the wrong person, it's not my wedding(only as of late)
3. I'm tired
4. Seriously!? (said with as much sarcasm as one can possibly muster)

4 things i have learned from the past:
1. i seriously lucked out in the parental department
2. Making good friends in the beginning really helps in the long run
3. it's really not about me at all
4. Enjoy the moment

4 places i would love to go:
1. Ireland
2. Europe
3. Austrilia
4. To BED

4 things i did yesterday:
1. Laid on the couch
2. went to work
3. Watched Say Yes to the Dress
4. Coughed, a lot

4 things i am looking forward to:
1. Sleeping
2. Trip to Utah for Spring Break
3. Matt and Julie's Wedding
4. Having the wedding be over

4 things i love about winter:
1. It's the season before SPRING!
2. snuggling beneath layers and layers of blankets in bed
3. Rain
4. Fog

4 things on my wish list:
1. New running Shoes
2. A new job
3. A truck
4. a husband (is there an outlet somewhere?)

4 people i tag:
1. Heidi West
2. Naomi
3. Stephanie
4. anyone else who wants to.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Picture of the Day

So I'd like to introduce you all to Becky. She is amazing, Beautiful, SEXY like no one's business, kind, patient, funny, talented..and I could go on and on and on. This is a picture from her wedding(obviously), one in which I had never seen before she put it up on her blog.( Ok so I totally stole this picture from Becky's blog...but it's only because I don't have a picture of the two of us...I know it's crazy, but I didn't own a camera when I was in college so I have no pictures from that time except from other people) Becky and I met while I was in Salt Lake attending college. Let me tell you the was September 5, 2003 and our ward was going on a trip to bear lake. I had decided to drive up to Logan to visit my friend, Heidi, as it was her birthday and she was attending college at Utah State in Logan, which happened to be on the way to Bear Lake. So after stopping to see Heidi, I was on my way to the lake, once arrived I didn't know a lot of people but I was introduced to this delightful girl named Becky...and since then we've laughed, we've cried, we've shared secrets, we've stayed up late talking, we've been roommates and we've moved across the country from one another. But through all this she has been so loyal and caring. I couldn't imagine my life without Becky and I just thought that I'd share that all with you today. So if you have a friend like my Becky, then count yourself lucky and dedicate a post to them to tell them how much you love them. It's fun and plus yesterday was valentine's's just the season.
So here's to you Becky Sexy Wallace Jensen! You are LOVED AND MISSED!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

What do you think?

So lately I have been trying to figure out what to do with my know this wonderful thought provoking self evaluation only comes along every day of my life and when it's my birthday I mean it just seems to be in overdrive. And last week to be specific (February 4th) was my birthday and I turned the big 27. Now being a college gratuate might say to some people Hey she know's what she wants to do with her life...WRONG!!! I mean that's not to say that I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life when I gratuated....but life happens and things change. So I'm putting the question out there to all of you people that read this(all 2 of you) What should I do with my life, as in career choice? I'm having such a hard time trying to decide....I know what I DO NOT want to's coming up with what I want to do that is the problem...and the things that I think ok I can do this...make NO money and I'm sorry I can't live on NO money. And I think going back to school is an option just not very high on my list right now...don't want to get more into debt...yes I know it's a good reason..just not my favorite thing...anyway, back to the matter at hand. Suggestions? Comments? Advice? Job Offers? Well let me know what you think...thanks!