Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wedding

On October 15, 2011 Michelle got are a few pictures from the wedding. I actually didn't get the best pictures so cross my fingers we will get the photographers pictures soon, but until then, enjoy these.
 The Bride and Groom

 Katie-Anne and I at the rehersal the night before the wedding.
 The tables.
 Flowers on the sign in table
 Flowers that were on columns for the ceremony
 Centerpieces (above and below)

 The ceremony was at one of Michelle's co-workers backyard.
 The tables
 Head table with the wedding party
 Bubbles and Me
Bride and Groom, one of the only pictures I got from the front of her dress..yes I know..I'm sorry! When we get the photographers pictures I will try and post more. The wedding day was VERY HOT AND MUGGY!! I mean it was October it was supposed to be really nice weather...wrong...Oh well. The wedding started a little late due to Michelle forgeting something at home so we were all baking for a while, but other than that it turned out very nice.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Michelle's Bridal Shower and Bridals

So as we know Michelle is getting married  (we are down to the wire only 2 weeks left to go!) Her soon to be sister in law and mother in law threw her a bridal shower a couple of weeks ago, here are some pictures from it.
The Tables were so cute, each place setting had a different dessert plate.
 Michelle showing off her wedding mom embelished them..they are amazing!
 Me, new little man and Sarah at the shower.
 The sign in table at the shower..
 This past saturday we went to old town clovis and took some bridal pictures...what do you think? Yes I took them and edited them.
 The shoes...
 I really like how both of these turned out...what say you?


Over labor day weekend my parents and I and my friend Lori went to Monteray, Ca and stayed on a YATCH! It was amazing! So much fun! It was HUGE! The pictures do not do it justice and I took A LOT but I thought I would spare you the entire 25 pictures so here are just a few...
The top picture is of the master suite, the top captains area(One of two places you can steer the boat from, the main cabin with the kitchen and couch and tv, and a side view of the whole yatch. It's like 72 feet long! So much fun and if you want to see more pictures let me know and I will post more. :)

Baby Shower

We threw a baby shower for Sarah and baby in July before little man was born and it was a baseball themed babyshower...if you know Jonathan that makes total sense...we had a good are some pictures from the shower.

 If you can make out his name...I made it! The food was behind it...we had sub sandwhiches, veggie trays, and baseball cupcakes.
I also made a mobile to hang over his bed..all of the circles have some sort of sports on it... 
The cupcakes that Becca made.

New Nephew

So this is the new little man...Jonathan and Sarah are so excited to have him here! He was born on August 11, 2011, 8 lbs 4 oz, 22 inches long.
I call this his scrunched up old man face.

 My dad and the little man.
 The proud papa. Don't they look soooo much alike? Even the hair color(just don't tell Jonathan
Bubbles and her new cousin.
We love having our new nephew around! He is so cute and adorable!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mom's Graduation and the Rocks

This past May my mom graduated with her Master's Degree from Point Loma Linda University in San Diego. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!! If you have ever been to my house you might recognize these rocks. There is a picture of them in my mom's kitchen right next to the sink. The actual rocks are on Coronado Island in San Diego.
Mom and Dad after the ceremony.

There were never such devoted sisters. Mom and Aunt Diane, two peas in a pod. :)
We made my mom put her "hood" on...SHE DID IT!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!

All the kids: Matt, Julie (Matt's Wife), Michelle, Me, Sarah (Jonathan's Wife), Jonathan and Nathan. Becca and the grandkids were there but in the car because the kids had gotten the flu so they couldn't attend the ceremony.

Bubba's Birthday

Bubba turned 2 in March. Can't believe he's already 2!! Here he is with my dad right before blowing out the candles on the cake. So happy!
The cool cake my sister made for him. He LOVES LOVES LOVES CARS!!!

Me and Squeakers having fun at the party.

The other part of Spring Break

I spent spring break in Utah again this year, surpised? Anyway, I spent most of my time with this litte one! He's my friend Heidi's new little boy. His name is Riker. So adorable!
I put this crib together all by myself!!! I was so proud!

Of course a trip to Salt Lake couldn't be complete without a trip to a few temples..the one above is the Salt Lake Temple, below is the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in South Jordan, Utah.

Called to Serve

Nathan has been called to serve in the Louville, Kentucky Mission for 2 years. He reports July 27, 2011! So excited for him!

Easter Eggs

Ok well you get the picture...we dyed eggs for easter while I was in Utah. The one on the far right is my cousin Asa's first egg he ever dyed! My picture upload thing is being wierd so sorry for the small picture and the blurry..

Part of Spring Break

This year I went to Utah for spring break. I had a chance to go to my cousin, Darlene's Baby shower and to be there on the day my cousin's husband, Devin graduated from BYU Law school. I didn't attend the ceremony though. My cousin, Naomi and her graduate husband, Devin. They are moving to Singapore as he has gotten a job there.
Darlene, Me, Katie-Anne, Naomi at Devin's graduation party the night before the baby shower.

The drinks...

These are the onsie's I made Darlene for baby Kepuali, he came about a week after I came home. But that was 6 weeks early for him(Born on May 2, 2011) these won't fit him for a while because they are like 18 month size onsies..I made them big on purpose. :)


More of the food. It was so good! We had a good time at the shower! Baby Kep is doing great! I believe he is about 2 months old now and mother and son are doing wonderful! So happy I was able to be at the shower to celebrate!