Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trip to San Fransico November 2010

I had a four day weekend in November..and so I deceided to go to San Fransico with my friend Heidi, her brother Brett and our friend Christy. So on Friday after I picked up Heidi and Christy from the airport(Brett lives in the bay area and had to work on Friday), we went to the Oakland Temple, Heidi had never been before and as it's one of my ultimate favorite temples, I was happy to go. I LOVE THIS TEMPLE!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
View from the garden terrace on top of the temple looking out on to the grounds.

They were already setting up for Christmas..and it wasn't even Thanksgiving yet.

Brett and Heidi on the way into the city on Saturday.

The Golden Gate Bridge was our first stop.
My mom LOVES sailboats and if you know her, you already know that, but I took this picture just for her.
Another view of the bridge.

Shadow pictures!

Me and Heidi...she has a hard time having a serious face in pictures...but that's why we LOVE HER!!
See what I mean? :-) Love you Heidi!!!

The carosel on Pier 39.

View back towards the city from the end of the pier.
We had to see the sea lions...they are famous!

Proud sea lion
Ghirardelli square...
The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach

Heidi and I at the beach.
More shadow pictures.
The beach...I love the beach!
Nice right? I'm very proud of this picture! It turned out great!

This one too!

View of San Francisco from Twin Peaks..tallest point in the city.

Sunset view from Twin Peaks.
Sunset on the way home from San Fansico..yes I took this while I was driving...yes I know dangerous...

Pismo August 2010

This is the only picture I took from the pismo beach trip I went on with some friends this past August..I think it's hilarious! Look how big that pelican is! Like anyone would be tempted to feed that bird!

Dad's Birthday

I made this for my dad's birthday...I forgot to put the brownie layer in the middle..but it still turned out good.

Yummy, right?

Honey's Birthday

Honey's birthday was at the end of from the party. Honey LOVE LOVE LOVES my sister made her a horse cake.
Blowing out the candles

She loves dolls.

I got her the movie, Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue. The kids love the tinkerbell movies!

Opening gifts....
Time flies! I can't believe she is already 5 years old!

Newport Beach Family Summer Vacation 2010

This past summer, after Idaho, my family went to Newport Beach for a week. We had so much fun! We went to the beach basically everyday (unfortuately I didn't take any pictures at the beach..having too much fun), we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach..which is where most of these pictures come from and we walked along the much fun!! The girls at the aquarium
The house we stayed at..

The view from the house..

Squeakers on a bungee jumper thing..

Cambria on the bungee jumber thing..they both had a blast! adorable!

My dad, Nathan and Bubba

Sarah and Honey on the Farris Wheel

Mom and Nathan

Me and Squeakers..she was a little scared once we got to the top..but she still loved it!


This cow was in front of one of the stores that we went to...

One of the seals at the aquarium


Really cool starfish

Dont remember what this thing is called but it looks really cool!

Some more really cool looking starfish!

A HUGE blowfish above my head! The thing was MASSIVE!!
The girls looking at the turtle..

The girls
A seal playing...

A really BIG tuna fish
Nathan and Bubba looking at the tuna fish.
This trip was so much fun! Hopefully we will be able to do it again next summer!!