Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kids and the sun

Here are some updated pictures of the neices and newphew....about 6 weeks ago..handsome man here decided to do some stunts off his slide and bruised his nose pretty bad we thought he had broke it but thankfully it was just a bad bruise and his face is completely back to normal now.
Honey and Squeakers are so cute!

Right after the accident A picture I took from my bedroom window of the sun..
Another picture of the nose...thankfully the nose is something that doesn't break too easily.


This past December a very dear friend passed away from ALS. He was and is an amazing person, Father, friend, handy man and whip it up from nothing and make it work man. He is sorely missed by all that knew him. Here is some pictures from his memorial service. It was a lovely service, his son, Matt, played a beauitful arrangement of 'O My Father' it was so touching. And Gwen gave an touching and personal eulogy. David is missed everyday and I am so blessed to have known him and to have had him in my life. Afton, Aiden and Jacob
Aiden signing the sign in book
Memory Wreath this girl!!

The details of the reception...

Here are some of the details from the reception... The main good! Tri-tip, rolls, salad.. First dance
some drink that I don't remember what it was but it was good!
Sign in table
end of first dance..
the lights
the lights
picture table
The rings...I really like this's very simple and plain but I really like it.

Just Rachel

Before the wedding I took some bridal pictures of Rachel...we went to Rodeing Park and to the levi that is out by my house...Matt and Julie came and helped out. We had a good time taking the pictures and making Rachel smile! And man! She is one beautiful woman!!! My favorite one of the day is the second picture.

Rachel and John

In February, I did flowers and was the photographer for a wedding...never again will I do both at the same time! Way too stressful! But I LOVED how Rachel's flowers turned out! They are my favorite out of all the flowers I have either done by myself or helped with. The iris's were supposed to be a blue and they kind of are but I think they look more purple. Which is ok, because I LOVED LOVED LOVED how they turned out! Here is just a few pictures of Rachel and John that I took. I took so many pictures that many!!! But don't worry I won't go into picture over load..the first one is one of my favorites as well as the close up of them and the last one of the boquet.