Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So there has been a lot you can see by the recent pictures. My brother Matt came home from his mission and he is doing GREAT! This week he is off with my youngest brother Nathan on a Boy Scout trip in northern California. They are going river rafting. Not something that I think I would enjoy but more power to them!
Next topic...
So about a week and a half ago I had one of my teeth pulled. It's the second to last one on the top left hand side and for those of you in the know for dentistry it was #14....whatever that means. The only other time I have had teeth pulled is when I had my wisdom teeth out about 7 years ago...and I remember not enjoying that AT ALL. So I was not looking forward to this experience at all going into it. Well to make the long of the short of it...I was awake the whole time(it's cheaper that way and when you pay for everything yourself..I always choose the cheaper way to go!) and let me just say that I hope I never ever have to have another tooth pulled ever again. It hurt so bad and it made me sick. Plus now I have this huge gaping hole in the back left side of my mouth..and I can only chew on one side of my mouth. What a pain...takes me so much longer to eat my food! Oh and the best part is that the reason I had to have my tooth removed in the first place was(well as far as the dentist could tell) that I had this tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny crack in my tooth that caused a resorbtion(I have no idea how to spell that correctly) which is basically a lesion inside my tooth that will never heal, even with a root canal...which I had done about a month ago on the same tooth. On top of all of that I have to wait 5-6 months to get an implant put in because they need to make sure that the bone grows back or something like that so I get to have this great big hole in my mouth for the next little while. Fun stuff!
So next topic for the water cooler...
Fourth of July was so much fun! As I said before Matt was home and he is so cute. He is still getting used to being home from his mission and was not used to being around so many people without his name badge on..poor guy! But he fared well during the party and he had a great time. The girls (Cambria and Brynn) had fun in the pool. Cambria is a natural fish. She LOVES being in the pool, you have to drag her out when it is time. Brynn is warming up to the pool but is still not sure if she likes it or not. I think the warmer it gets the more she likes it because the water in the pool is warmer. But she did have fun going down the slide with Jonathan and Sarah. During the party we had about 85 people come over and we had so much food. All types of salads and BBQ food to be had. Hotdogs and hamburgers and then dessert! Yummy! When it started to get dark that's when we started our annual fireworks show out in front of the house in the street. Every year for the past 3-4 years we buy our own fireworks(the one's that are legal in California) and put on our own show. It is so much fun! It usually lasts about an hour because we can only light so many at a time without hurting ourselves...the boys have fun with this part. So my fourth of July turned out wonderful. It's one of my favorite holidays to, fun, BBQ, fireworks,, fun, fun!!
So on top of everything that has happened this past couple of weeks I was sick this past weekend....I started to not feel well on the 4th and it got worse as the weekend continued. So I spent Saturday and Sunday literally ALL DAY on the couch in front of the TV trying to get rest and to get better. So needless to say I watched a lot of TV, which brings me to the point. I have now become a HUGE fan of the Discovery Channel's The Deadliest Catch. Yes, I know the what? It's a show about Alaskan Crab fishers. They are on these boats in the Bering Sea up between Alaska and Russia and I have become addicted. I love this show. I just do. My dad actually likes it too... and to say that is something because my dad rarely watches TV...he thinks it's a waste of time...anyway, if you haven't seen the show I would highly recommend it.
Enough of me going on and on....that's it until next time....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cambria and Brynn

So I have the most beautiful nieces in the world. Cambria is 2 1/2 and Brynn is 13 months. The are soooo adorable and so much fun. Brynn LOVES to play in the water, especially from the hose but she's still not sure about the pool. Cambria on the other hand I think was a fish in another life. Once she gets in the pool it's like fighting cats and dogs to get her out, even if she is freezing cold and her teeth are chattering! They both love our new dog Jake. We got him for my mom for Mother's day in may and has become an instant hit with them. They love to take him on"walks" with his wrapper(leash). Cambria came up with the name one knows where....anyway, they love to pet and play and take him on walks. And likes to play with them to. He' only about 1 1/2 old so in many ways he is still a puppy. But the girls love him. Cambria loves to have books read to her, but be careful if you start she may never let you stop. Brynn loves to snuggle. She will get her blankie and just nestle right into you. AHHHH! They are so much fun! I love being around them! I'm so happy that they live so close!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Here It Is Ladies and Gentlemen

So my friends have been after me for a while to start a blog but I really don't know why because my life is really not all that exciting and I really don't have much going on. But here it goes. So here are my thoughts for today. My brother just got home from his mission in North Carolina today. I'm so excited to have him home. It's the first time in about 4 years that my entire family has been together. Which is hard to believe but it's true. But either way it's great.
On to the next topic in my life. Recently I bought a car. A 2006 Honda Accord. Now I found it in the paper and it was for a GREAT deal and I mean GREAT deal. But here's one of the issues I have about buying a car out of the paper. So when you buy a car from the dealer all the extra costs you have are built in but not so when you buy from a private dealer. yeah so I go to register my car with the DMV(who by the way I'm not a big fan of no matter how much people say they have improved) I get up there with all of my paper work and everything and the lady who is helping me says that it's going to cost me $950!! Seriously? Yeah no joke. So I ask what is all that for....oh yeah it's the sales tax on my car. So here's my problem...why in the world does the DMV/Government get to collect taxes on a private sale of a car. I just think this is ridiculous! I mean so stupid. I mean I have ranted and raved about this since I bought my car...if you don't believe me just ask my dad and he'll tell you. Uggggg!! Can you tell I'm still a little upset about this stupid law. Don't get me started on all the other things I find upsetting about our government. Anyway, on top of that my air conditioning started acting funny. It would turn hot and then cold and then hot and stay hot. Let me tell you how frustrating it is to get a car and then immediately have problems with it. (this is not the first time this has happened to me, my explorer did the same thing...don't believe me just ask my friend Des...)anyway, so to get the air fixed oh yeah it's over $1,000!!! Crazy...yes?!?!?!? So let me just make a shout out to the universie here....just because you graduate from college and have a job does not mean that I have ANY money at ALL!! SERIOUSLY!!! I have other things that need to get paid here. Um you know like my college education debt...yeah it's a great thing let me tell you. Granted I have a wonderful education and I would not trade going into debt for it but that doesn't mean that I enjoy paying it off either.
Anyway, there is not much else I have to say right now...that's it for now Ladies and Gentlemen. Have a good night!