Friday, February 20, 2009

Parent's Blog

My mom has just started a blog...there is a link here on my blog...she has just started it..which translates to me putting it together so go and visit and leave her a note to let her know what you think! Enjoy! Just incase the address is

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Me and the Girls!

Bubbles trying to hide from the camera.
Me and Bubbles

Me, Squeakers and Bubbles playing the piano.

Bubbles and me.

Me and the Girls.

Aren't they so BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!?

Not hiding from the camera this time...

Squeakers..always so happy!

Well...not always...but still cute! cute!

Picture Overload!!!

So lately I have become obssed with taking pictures of the mountian behind my house (Sierra Nevada's)...and taking the pictures from my roof...some of them are a little blurry but you still get the picture. The last ones were taken on my birthday. Next we have had a couple of good storms come thru the valley and such wonderful skys accompany them. I started taking pictures of the clouds/sky while I was driving...yes I know dangerous...oh well...I'm still here to post them so don't worry. There are a ton of pictures here but I just couldn't help it. Most of these pictures I just love the clouds in them and how the sky just looks sooooo BIG. I just love it when the clouds spread out across the sky and make it look bigger. So enjoy the pictures!

Birthdays, Birthdays and More Birthdays

So yes it has been a while since my last sorry. Anyway, lets get on with birthday was on Feb. 4th and I turned a BIG 26 years old. Wahoo...! So what do 26 year olds do on their birthdays? Well for starters they draw with sidewalk chalk with their 27 year old sisters...birthday wishes to themselves.... see picture below Isn't it just beautiful? My sister (Becca) and I spent some good quality time drawing on my parent's driveway in chalk. It started out as an activity for the girls but they were more interested in what Grandma was planting so my sister and I took over the coloring. We should spend more time drawing with sidewalk chalk. I didn't do a lot for my birthday specificially...just had dinner with the family and a couple of friends.....tri-tip, mashed potatoes, and brazed green beans that my dad makes...YUMMY!!!
This is Dana and me at my birthday dinner.

The girls really like to play inside the car...honestly....they get in and have us close the door and just's hilarious to watch. I just couldn't resist taking a picture.

Four days after my birthday is my brother in law's he asked Becca to make him a golf cake...and this is how it came right? He turned the big 3-0!!! I know crazy! We had a great dinner over at his parents house.

Next on the birthday tour in the month of Feburary....Gwen's birthday! Ashlee managed to pull off a great surpise party for her mom. Logan couldn't resist jumping in the picture of the girls....Afton, Lori, Me and Heidi.

Gwen said she didn't have any candles to put on her Michael found the lighter and that became the candle

Happy Birthday Gwen!!!