Friday, December 18, 2009


I am so tired I could sleep for a week! Good thing I have the next two weeks off! Happy Holidays!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tans-Siberian Orchastra

This past Wednesday my dad called me about the time I was getting off of work and asks, "I have a chance to get tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchastra concert tonight, if I can get them do you want them?" Of course I said YES! So, Originally Becca was going to go with me but it turned out that she couldn't so I took my dad with me! It was so much fun! We made it a Daddy/Daughter Date. He took me to dinner at Red Robin (one of my favorite resturants- I LOVE RED ROBIN!!!) and then we went to the concert. When he first said he had tickets he didn't know where they were going to be but it really didn't matter to me, I was just happy to be going. When he got home and I took a look at the tickets they were on the FLOOR, 12 rows back, basically in the middle!!! AMAZING SEATS!!! And the best part was, was that they were FREE!!!!! How awesome is that?!?!?!!! I had never been to one of their concerts before, but I want to go again!! It was amazing! The first half of the concert was a little weird for some parts but the second part was my favorite! But the ENTIRE concert is amazing music and they are such amazingly TALENTED musicians! So here's the thing, if you ever get the chance to go to one of their concerts....GO! It's totally worth it!

Monday, November 16, 2009


I guess it's just the season! My brother Matt, has gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Julie. They are planning on getting married in March. Here's the story.... this past Saturday Matt and I were discussing how he was going to propose and I suggested that I put up lights in our gazebo in our backyard and make it all beautiful and he could do it there...after much thought and consideration on his part...(if you know Matt, you know what I mean)...he on Saturday afternoon, I started putting up lights in the gazebo, I recurited Lori to come and help me and it still took us three entire hours to put it all together! Well, here in pictures is how it all turned out....

The lights of the gazebo that I spent three hours putting up...

Another picture...not edited...but it looks really pretty! Julie LOVED it!

The roof of the gazebo on the inside

The space heater I put was SO cold!
This is the table inside the gazebo...the flowers Lori and I also picked out :-) The build a bear Matt said, "Julie, Will you marry me?" and the CD player was for the Coldplay music that they both love!
Pretty Flowers...Julie Loves daisies...
The Happy Couple the day after.


Two weeks ago, Nadine Champlin, was married and I was able to attend the ceremony and reception. We had a great time and she is so happy! Here are some pictures from the wedding and reception...
This is the bench that has been on the front porch of the Champlin house for the past 30 years that Lori "stole" and then with the help of myself and mainly my dad refinished to look like this...believe me it's a huge transformation! It looked fabulous! Nadine cried when she saw it, it was a total surprise...she really thought someone stole her old bench. :) Sneaky Lori...
This is a picture of Honey twirling...she loves to twirl in her pretty dress.
Amy and Lori and Amy's son Nickolas at the reception
Part of the decorations...these hung above our heads...the theme was fall
Bride and Groom...sorry it's blurry...Squeakers was on my lap and she was not sitting still...
Bubba boy...always so happy!
Squeakers and I during the ceremony...trying to keep her occupied so she didn't go running...
So now the bride and groom have gone to Michigan (where the groom lives)...good luck with the COLD Mom!!! I will miss you!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I hate being cold. It's not even that cold yet, here in Fresno. I just thought I would let you all know that I hate being cold. Yes, I am a wuss when it comes to being cold. I don't care, I hate being cold. Let it be hot. The only good thing about cold is Hot Chocolate.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shane's Wedding

Stephanie's brother Shane was married this past weekend and my parents and I were able to attend. It was great. Not only did I get to spend more time with Stephanie and Jake and their kids but my mom got to spend some time with Stephanie's mom, Renee, who she has known since they were both 10 years old. My camera died right as the ceremony was about to begin so I only got two pictures, one of Kayleigh and one of the Groom and groomsmen. I was able to charge my battery and then get some pictures at the reception, which was FABULOUS! Enjoy! The groom and groomsmen
Kayleigh..doesn't she have amazing eyes?!?!

Kayleigh was so excited to get to drink out of these glasses..don't worry it's just Sparkling Cider.
Kayleigh and the flower girl(who is Stephanie's cousin's daughter), Mya on the dance floor waiting for dinner to start.
Mya told Jonathan that she didn't want to dance with him and he was so sad.
Jessica playing..waiting for dinner.
Mom and Renee
Jake and Kayleigh CUTE!!
Kayleigh showing off her dress and her moves..
The centerpieces on the pretty. Our table had this small one but on other tables there were really tall ones as well done and beautiful!
First dance of the newly married couple...Shane and Katie..the picture is not that great but it was dark and the flash wasn't set on the strongest setting...which I didn't figure out until later...oh well. Her dress was so amazing.
More first dance.
Going back to their table after dance...back of dress was so pretty!
Jonathan sat next to my Dad all night long and my dad entertained him with his iphone and different things..they also decided to blow out all the candles that were on our two tables.
Jonathan caught the guarder...sort of...none of the men actually caught it so one of them just picked it up and gave it to Jonathan who was standing in front of all the guys out on the floor.
Me and Stephanie before the dancing...
Kayleigh, Jonathan, Mya and Stephanie's sister in law, Heather on the dance floor. The kids were the life of the dance floor. They were out there the ENTIRE night just dancing away. They had so much fun.
Kayleigh jumping and dancing.
My mom and Renee dancing...
Stephanie and I after the dancing....

Kayleigh fell asleep at the end of the night in Grandma Renee's was close to 11pm...way past her bed time.

We had such a great time at the wedding. It was so nicely done and it was beautiful. I love weddings that are parties and not just meet and greets. I think that is what a wedding should be, a party. So here's to lots of wedding parties to come!

Perrin Kids at Fresno Temple

My friends Stephanie and Jake Perrin came into town this past week and we were able to hang out and have some fun. It has been way to long since I've seen them! The last time I saw them their second kid had just been born! Anyway....introducing... Jessica


The Perrin Family
Jessica and Kayleigh....these two girls are so adorable!!! They have the sweetest personalities!
Looks just like her Mom when she was a little girl...
The best picture I could get of all three kids.
Jonathan is so cute! I can't believe that he is already in Kindergarten!

We had so much fun playing together and hanging out. Come back soon!!!! Love these guys!!!

Star Gazing without the Stars

So our family decided to go out to our backyard on a clear night in October and do some star gazing....well doing that with kids is like taking kids to the candy store and expecting them to not touch anything... Honey

The girls sitting on Uncle Nathan
David and Becca holding Handsom
Mom and Dad
Honey was so excited she just kept running around and screaming...
Squeakers has such beautiful hair... :-) I was trying to get a picture of her but she was just running around and wouldn't stand still so this is all I got.
Can't go outside and do anything without Jake...the dog.
Handsom cute!
Hugs are good!
Playing around....
and around...
You can never find Nathan without his phone attached to his fingers texting....
The girls climbing on Uncle Matt..
and climbing...
Nathan and I towards the end of the night.

Who knew star gazing in the backyard could be so much fun?