Monday, April 26, 2010

Prom Anyone?

This is how my brother Nathan(pictured below), asked his girlfriend to prom..we post-ited noted her entire room. See pictures below for proof.

And to top it off we left a smiley face on the mirror for her. Oh to be young again and to think up fun ways to ask someone out on a date....we had a lot of fun putting up all those post-notes! It took us about 45-minutes..which was good because we only had about an hour in which to complete the project otherwise Tiffany would have come home while were were still in the middle of everything. So this coming weekend is prom...Nathan's last one...he is a anyone else have any fun ways that they were asked out or asked to prom or did the asking?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Story of Irritation and Dissapointment and Outrage

So last night, a Tuesday, my brother Nathan asked to borrow my car to take to his volleyball game, no big deal, my dad could give me a ride to watch the game and since I didn't want to be 2 hours early to the game I agreed to let him use my car(not something that I do all the time, I am very particular about who I let drive my car). Anyway, so we go to the game, we won, it was great, rah rah rah go BHS and all that fun. So I come home with my dad and I get into my pajamas and crawl into bed to watch some TV before turning in and I get this phone call from Nathan"Um, Sharon, We have a problem." Now immediately I think he's gotten into an accident and brace myself for his next sentence.
"I locked your keys in the car."
"Oh...ok, (I think to myself at least it's not an accident and it's kind of funny) Well I don't have a spare key for my car so I will have to call AAA to come and unlock it for me and I will have to come down and wait with you because they will need to see my card once they get there."
"Ok, well I'm at Taco Bell."
"What? Why? I thought you were just coming home...whatever I will call and come down. I will be there soon."
Well I called AAA and told them about the locking of the keys in the car and they said it would be about an hour until someone could come. Are you kidding me? An hour? It's already 9:45pm by this point. Now a lot of you think 'Hey that's not that late...but you have to understand I am not the biggest late night person and I am normally in bed at this point, not asleep, but in bed. So anyway, I pull on a sweatshirt and drive down to Taco Bell to wait for the guy. I walk into the Bell and some of Nathan's team mates are all there hanging out...oh great...just what I need...high school boys asking me why I don't have a spare key for my car, one of them kindly told me I should keep one in my glove which I choose not to repsond to because um, hello if you can't figure out why a spare key in the glove compartment is not a good idea all on your own you don't deserve a response. So anyway, his teammates finally leave and we go back to my Dad's car(I had to borrow a car to drive to the Bell), to wait for the AAA guy and wonderfully the guy only took about 30 minutes to show up! YEEHAW! So the guy gets my door open, I sign the paper and drive home, I in my Dad's car and Nathan in mine.
So today I decided it was probably about time to get a spare key made for my car so I set about doing this. So I went to Home Depot today to get my spare key made and upon arriving and finding the key making station, I was told that they don't make those kind of keys! What? Are you kidding me? What do you mean you don't make those kind of keys? Well, ok then. So I thought to myself, where can I get a new key made? Well I knew then I would have to call the dealership...what a pain in the rear! So this afternoon, after much procrastination I called the Honda dealership and was promptly put on hold. Of course. When the serivce guy did pick up the phone I asked "I have a 2006 Accord, how much will it cost to have a spare key made? I don't need a key with the remote built in, just an extra one incase of something." To which he replys "Well, the keys with the remotes in them are $75.00 and the ones without the remotes are $30.00. (Me in my head thinking you have got to be kidding me could it be anymore expensive? But he continues...) And on top of that we will have to program your key, whichever one you get and that will be $104.00." To which I replied "Are you seriouls? $104.00 to program a key? That's insane and ridiculous!"
"Well, ok then, thanks for your time." And then I hung up the phone.
Ok so here's the thing. I will not be getting a spare key made for my car. I will now be even more careful with my keys than I was before.
But here's the other thing, why are keys so over priced? Its a key. And yes I understand that there is some computer chip in them and all that jazz but are you freaking kidding me?! and really $104.00 to PROGRAM the thing?!?!?!?! Anyway, so there you have it a story of frustration(keys getting locked in the car), dissapointment(in honda for not making it easier to get a spare key) and outrage(at honda for making it so expensive to get a new key made!) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Wedding Pictures

Ok so here are some unedited wedding some point if I ever have the time I want to go back and edit some if not all of these but until then...enjoy...The Wedding Cake(made my Julie's sister)
One of the flower arrangements that I did...what do you think?

All the Rowley Kids
Just the Boys Squeakers and Me
Matthew(the groom) and Me
All the Girls
Just coming out of the temple
The bridal bouquet that I MADE all by myself! What do you think?
Another view of the bridal bouquet....I think it turned out great!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Picture of the Day

I took this picture of the SLC Temple while I was in Utah during spring break...Do you like it? I am working on pictures from Matt and Julie's Wedding and hopefully will have them up soon.