Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh Look!!! It's a bird! It's a plane!! It's an UPDATE!!!

So a lot has been going on in my life the past month or so...first off the good news...my sister is expecting her third baby at the end of March! Yahoo!! I'm way excited to have a new baby around. Of course let me tell you being an aunt is just about as good as being a grandparent but I think being an Aunt is way better, but I'm not biased or anything...
Next is not so good.... about three weeks ago I lost my job due to the company that I was working for downsized. So that really stunk! So now I am looking for a job. One that is full time, with benefits and hopefully one that I will enjoy. Now the last part is the kicker. There are a lot of jobs out there that meet my first two requirements but the last one is hard to find. But if you know of anyone that is hiring let me know. I HATE looking for a job. It is really depressing.
Next, my brother, Nathan, recently had surgery on his ear, again. He's fine. Everything went well. He had some polups in his ear that wouldn't go away so they had to go in and remove them. I think this is like the 7th or 8th surgery he has had on his ear, but the first in about 4-5 years. Anyway, everything is fine with his ear now.
Next, my brother, Jonathan, got engaged. He proposed to his girlfriend, Sarah Nibley, on August 15th on a trip to Disneyland. Yes how sweet. Anyway to make a long story short she said yes! They will be getting married in December. I believe December 27th is the exact date. So we will be doing wedding things and planning and all sorts of fun stuff to help get the two of them ready to get married and start their life together! Congratulations to them!!!
So that's what has been happening for the past month or so. Not too exciting or anything but hey, that's my life.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah took Brynn down the slide...yes I know you can't really see Sarah...
Cambria feeding Brynn corn on the cob..a favorite.

Cmabira feeding Matt.

Cupcakes are GOOD!!!

I asked Becca and David to smile and this is what I got...

We had our own fireworks show for the fourth of July.

Doesn't Matt look GREAT???

I think Cambria is a fish sometimes...it's like pulling teeth to get her out of the pool..even when her teeth are chattering...

So my niece Brynn loves to be upside down...and she loves it even more when you swing her from side to side..which is what her dad, David, is doing in this picture.

We Love to read with GRANDPA!!!

Matt's new set of wheels....just kidding!

The family at the airport when Matt came home from his mission...

So I am rearraging these pictures a little so that when I post new things you don't have to scroll past the pictures to read them...So this is how Cambria eats a hot dog...