Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacation...what a wonderful thing!!!

So as posted previously, my family and I went on vacation to Southern California last week. We had a blast! We stayed at the Lawerence Welk Resort in Escondido. It is a beautiful place and resort. So anyway, Becca and the kids and I drove down on Saturday, July 18th and it took us 9 HOURS!!!! I know crazy! It is normally only like a 5 1/2 hour trip...but with three kids in the car and one of them that still relies on momma for get the picture. Anyway, we got there and got settled in. My parents had also drove down that day but arrived a little bit before us. Sunday we went to church and amazingly my parents didn't know anyone (we have this joke in our family that anytime we go to church in southern California my parents will know someone there...but they didn't this time) the rest of the day was spent trying to relax but once again with three very active children along hard to do. Monday was fantastic!!! We went to my favorite beach La Jolla!!! And I was having too much fun to take any pictures, unfortunately...but my sister took if I ever get some from her I will post them. We had a blast playing in the ocean and the sand. The beach was totally crowed but still fun. Towards the end of the day while my sister, Dad and I were just sitting in the chairs watching people we noticed these two girls taking pictures of each they were models. It was hilarious! They were striking all kinds of poses and man did we have a good laugh! As did the rest of the beach who was also watching. Tuesday we went to Balboa Park. BEAUTIFUL! It has like 13 museums and a bunch of other things. We had so much fun. They had this out door theater that they have nighttime concerts in and the architecture is so beautiful!
They also had some really pretty fountains.

And the Lilly Pond....

Wednesday we just hung out at the resort and then went to Oceanside for the evening and played on the beach there...sorry again no pictures from my brother took some but they have not been up loaded to the computer as of yet. Thursday we went to the San Diego Zoo. It was amazing! If you have not had a chance to go there I would totally recommend it! I loved it! I was really excited to see the polar bear....which is probably why when we got there he was asleep. Yeah so much for that. Oh well still took pictures. We liked seeing all the animals and just the zoo in general. It was fantastic!The Hippo, it's nose was right up on the glass...there was an air vent underneath it's nose and it kept blowing bubbles into it's nose.

The sleeping polar bear.

Friday we just hung out at the resort and I went into San Diego to take some pictures of the temple. I love this temple. It is so beautiful!!!

I love this place! It is so peaceful! Anway, Friday night I drove home with David(my brother in law) and got home around 1am. Man was I tired! And that was family vacation. It was great! Can't wait until next year!


Squeakers went to lay her head down last night on her pillow and missed and hit her headboard....5 stiches later and a little bit of swelling. She is so brave!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Sorry for the long pause....summer is here and not much is happening. School ended on June 12th and thank goodness. It is nice to get a break from all the crazy kids. This summer I haven't done anything too exciting..hence the long pause....the 4th of July came and went. We had our annual party with friends and had our own fireworks show, which turned out fantastic...not to short and not too long. No pictures, sorry I forgot to get my camera before we started. Oh, back in May, I started teaching Gospel Doctrine at church (Sunday School Class) every other week....can I just say that the Lord has a sense of humor?!?!? Because believe me if I didn't know that this is what He wants me to do I would not be doing it. I do not like makes me way to nervous. Anyway, enough on that...Um....this past weekend one of my oldest friends, Aaron Rogers, was married. I helped set up for the reception and then also helped out at the reception. It turned out fantastic. It was a great party. So much fun! I got to see friends that I haven't seen in YEARS. It was great to catch up with them and to see where like has taken them. It's great to reconnect with old friends. Plus I have never seen Aaron so happy in all the time that I have known him...which it's been awhile...isn't great to see your friends so happy? Well, it makes me happy to see him so happy. So congratulations to him and his wife, Leia! The girls continue to grow and surprise me in all that they do. Bubbles, I swear would literally live in the pool if we let her. She is learning to swim and can hold her breath for like 2-3 seconds underwater and she can swim in the shallowend for short burts...getting longer everytime she gets in. Squeakers likes the water and is getting braver every time she gets in. I knew once the weather and water warmed up she would just see it as a big bath tub and she has. She and Bubbles have these floating fishies that are rings and she swims all over the shallow end as long as someone follows her around. I can't believe how big they are getting! (pictures to follow in another post). Handsome is so cute! He is getting so big, he loves to "talk" to you and kick his legs and of course he loves to be his mom. He likes the pool as well...actually he likes to be held in the pool by his mom and fall asleep on her chest. It makes me laugh, he is just so cute all cuddled up sleeping in the pool. I swear one of these days I am going to get a picture of it. Everything else is going well. I am still working for the school district, but have the summer off(what a great thing!). I swear if I ever decided to become a teacher it would because of the time off they have in the summer and around the holidays. But I don't want to be a teacher, so if people would stop asking me if I want to become a teacher that would be fabulous. Just saying. Anyway, on a side note to the above....if I knew what I wanted to do...I would just get on with it and just do it...any suggestions? Besides teaching.... Well, that's about it, our family is going on vacation next week down to the San Diego area and I am so excited! I love going down there and we haven't been there as a family in a LONG TIME so I am way excited, plus we get to go to my FAVORITE beach, La Jolla! Yahoo! I know it's probably not the most amazing beach in the world but I love it! Also, tomorrow, Ashlee and I and some other friends are going to the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and I am SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I can't wait. Highlight of my week. WooHOO!!!Anyway, that's it for now. Hope you all enjoyed the update!