Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I've been thinking a lot about some of my girlfriends lately and how grateful I am to have such great friends in my life. 
 My sister, Becca and I used to fight like the world was going to end, (if you don't believe me just ask Gwen, she could hear us from across the street), but now we are the best of friends and I am so grateful that I was blessed with such an amazing sister who I love and look up to so much. I am grateful that she is such a great example to me. 
 Heidi West is the Best, is such a great friend. I am so happy that we became friends! Late night walks, brownies and ice cream, Miami Ink, crazy roommates, long distance, trips to San Francisco, we have so much fun together...this is one of the only recent pictures I could find of us..Heidi we should take a picture of just the two of us soon. 
 Lyndsi aka Jellybean. Lyndsi is a saint. Seriously. She put up with me as a roommate for almost 4 years. She has such a beautiful soul. She is so kind and funny and patient. I could not have lived with anyone else for so long. 
 Lindsay. I could not have made it through the past 2 years without this girl by my side. She was my rock through all the crazy I had to deal with because of my calling at church. She has taught me so many things that have shaped my life and has helped me become who I am and helped me realize who I want to become. 
 Melissa Kay Termeer Tilley. Girl has never known how to answer a phone. Seriously it's a problem. But as of late has made the jump to text messages! This is a fairly old picture of her and her family, sorry Missy, I don't have a more current one(maybe you should come out here so I could get one). This girl taught me how to let go and have fun. She is crazy, in a good way. I love her! She was there for all of my crazy teenage moments(there weren't many..lol) but she was the one that usually inspired them when they did happen. She is amazing!
 Heidi, I could not find a picture of just her or just her and me so these pictures are OLD!! The above is from 2002 and the one below is from 2008( I think). Heidi and I grew up across the street from each other and 90% of my childhood memories involve this girl. She is my sister from across the street, the girl I searched for baby frogs with and ran up and down the street with. She is thoughtful, kind, spontaneous, honest and beautiful. So grateful that we were able to grow up with each other.
 Lori. Peanut. Lori Flirtin Champlin. So grateful that this girl is in my life. Ever heard that phrase "from cradle to grave"? That's us. We are lifers. We have bonds just try and break them. "Hi, I'm Chandler! Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?!" So grateful we have been able to stay friends through all the ups and downs of our lives. Childhood, jr. high school, high school, college and mission(for her), so many experiences in my life have involved her. Sometimes I think she knows me better than I know myself. "We will be friends until we are old and then we'll be new friends"
 Aubree. She is a fairly new person in my life, but it feels like we have always been friends and I know we will always be friends. Aubree changed my life. We met while she was serving her mission here in the Fresno area. She has an amazing soul. She pushed me to listen harder, care more, love more deeply and to smile more often and that its ok to not be perfect all of the time. I am eternally grateful for her in my life.
All of these women have changed me. They have helped mold and shape me. These aren't the only women that I am grateful but these are the ones I have been thinking about lately. They have all changed my life in different ways. They have helped me, pushed me, challenged me, loved me, some have fought with me, forgiven me, and I am so blessed and grateful that all of these wonderful women are in my life. Life without girlfriends is no fun. I really hope that every woman is as blessed as I am to have such amazing friends, because I know I couldn't do it without them!


So it's been awhile....life happens. There is no way to sit here and catch up on the last year and a half. I will however give a summary, I was called as Relief Society President in Feb 2012 and served until September 2013(life changing exerience), Nathan came home from his mission(!!!!!!!) at the end of July 2013, Jonathan and Sarah had another little boy on 10/9/2013 and Becca and David had another little girl on 10/14/2013. Both babies and mothers are doing great. I've taken a couple of minor trips this past year. One to Utah and then family reunion in San Diego in August, both were great and lots of fun! Now for picture overload...
 Bubba welcoming home Elder Rowley
 The Family
 So Happy
 Little buddy at the family reunion
 Point Loma Lighthouse Stairs
 Michelle and Wiggly Squiggly
 Becca and Bubba
 Proud Parents, Matt & Julie and Wiggly Squiggly
 Becca and Squeakers
 Me and Becca (who was like 7 1/2 months pregnant)
 Little buddy rocking the right team's hat!
 The whole family being silly(minus PJ, who couldn't make it because of work)
 The ENTIRE family (minus PJ)
 The girls and Mom and Dad
 Everyone with their number in order of where they joined the family.
 Matt and Wiggly Squiggly
 Grandpa doing what he enjoys best taking a nap with a baby on his chest.
 Me, Julie and Sarah enjoying the family talent show(please ignore my hair)
 La Jolla Shores..one of my favorite places on earth.
 Fires on the beach, were we had forgotten wood....um..yeah...
 Base camp at the beach
 No family vacation is complete without a jumping picture of me and Katie-Anne
 Katie-Anne and her fiance Sam
 Honey at the wild animal park, she LOVES animals.
 Hugs are always welcome
Cousins playing was the best sound all week.
 Darlene, Naomi (holding Juliette) and Katie-Anne at my Aunt's Lake House(it's amazing!)
 Cousins are fantastic!!
 Naomi and me.
 OH MY GOODNESS!! I could seriously never ever get sick of this place!!! And if you know me, you know how much I love beautiful diamonds and know I could live there.
 While in Utah I was able to go to a college friend Carrie's wedding. She has waited something like 10 years for this to happen and I was so happy the timing worked out so I could be there for her special day!
 I was able to attend the SLC Temple with Lyndsi while there. Amazing!
Sierra Nevada's on the flight home. I always love looking at these mountains on the flight back, it means I am home. 
Sorry, I have no pictures of the new babies yet...soon I hope. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coming Soon

My computer is being a little difficult..sorry for the lack of posts lately I have been trying to but long story short more posts to come shortly.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wedding

On October 15, 2011 Michelle got married...here are a few pictures from the wedding. I actually didn't get the best pictures so cross my fingers we will get the photographers pictures soon, but until then, enjoy these.
 The Bride and Groom

 Katie-Anne and I at the rehersal the night before the wedding.
 The tables.
 Flowers on the sign in table
 Flowers that were on columns for the ceremony
 Centerpieces (above and below)

 The ceremony area...it was at one of Michelle's co-workers backyard.
 The tables
 Head table with the wedding party
 Bubbles and Me
Bride and Groom, one of the only pictures I got from the front of her dress..yes I know..I'm sorry! When we get the photographers pictures I will try and post more. The wedding day was VERY HOT AND MUGGY!! I mean it was October it was supposed to be really nice weather...wrong...Oh well. The wedding started a little late due to Michelle forgeting something at home so we were all baking for a while, but other than that it turned out very nice.