Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finishing Spring Break

So after I got home, showered and family and I headed up to Oakhurst to spend the night and the next day went to Yosemite. BEAUTIFUL! So here are some pictures from our trip.

And then my battery in my camera died...sad. But it was still a great trip and Yosemite is a wonderful place to go and see and experience. So if you are ever looking for a good day trip...think of Yosemite.

After we got home from Yosemite...I crashed...and that conculeds my Spring Break 2009.

Spring Break 2009

Ok so my spring break this year was filled with A LOT of traveling! So to start the trip we left on April 2nd at about 6:30-7:00pm at night to drive thru the night to good old Utah. It was me, Lori and Mark (Smithhart). Just the three of us, all night long. My goal was not to fall asleep at all...and I totally did it! I was so proud of myself! Anyway, we had a good time on the trip and arrived in Orem, Utah at about 6:15 the next morning. Very good time! Anyway, we dropped off Mark and went to my cousin Naomi and Devin's house in Provo. Where she made a wonderful breakfeast for us! Thanks Naomi for saving us! And then Lori crashed for a couple of hours...and I proceeded to stay awake. I know crazy. After the nap, the three of us went for lunch and a little shopping at the mall and had a great time hanging out.
Naomi and her son Spencer. Such a smilely boy!
Next Lori and I went to SLC. I forgot how much I actually like SLC. It really is a beautiful place...just not for me to live. :-) We went to Heidi West is the Best's house(which is where i stayed for the remainer of the utah protion of our trip). Lori went to her mission reuinion up in Park City and then headed up to Clinton to visit here sister Amy and her nephews.

Heidi at Letherbee's..great ice cream!

I also got to see my good friends Carrie and Lyndsi. They are both so AMAZING! I love them to death! I'm sorry that I didn't get to spend more time with them! Next time! I also got to spend some time up on campus! I really love the U's campus it is so beautiful and has such great views! Leaving Utah...this was the east side of the freeway...

And this was the west side of the freeway. Both very pretty. Bye Utah!
Next Lori and I headed down to the California coast to surprise our friends Heidi and Melissa at their annual Leo Carrio camping trip. It's a little camping ground just on the north side of the Malibu. It's a beautiful little place. We had a blast camping with the Green's and Termeer families and all of the extened family and all of the kids. I think there was nine kids in camp this year...three of which were under the age of 6 months. We had great was suppose to rain...but it didn't! Yahoo! Anyway, to say the least we had a great time, just haning out, doing the annual easter egg hunt, watching Logan make huge fires and playing with the babies!
This is the bridge you walk under to get to the beach. It is painted with all sorts of sea animals and the like....way cool.

Melissa and I at the beach.
My favorite picture of Logan and the beach.

The 3 babies...Afton, Brooklyn and Jacob. All very good babies!

Ok last picture of this post..this is the windshield in Lori's car...which made squeaking noises for a lot of our driving. Just thought that you should know..we didn't figure out that it was the windshield until the second half of our trip. Anyway, just thought I would let you all know. We came home from Leo Carrio on Friday, April 10th. But that didn't end my traveling..but that's for the next post. So here is to having a fantastic Spring Break and many more to come!

Too Cute Not to Post

I just couldn't resist....this is Bubbles...sitting on Grandpa's tractor with no pants on because she had stuck her feet in the and all...earlier and we were waiting for them to dry...she was watching Grandpa work in the yard. I just thought it was so cute!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I have a brother. His name is Matt. His birthday is tomorrow. He will be 22 years old. So in honor of his birthday I thought I would just list a few things as to why I love having him as my brother.

1. He is always respectful of me and of others.
2. He is very organized.
3. He is a VERY hard worker.
4. He loves the gospel.
5. He is a great uncle.
6. He always trys to help out, even when he knows there is nothing he can do.
7. He has a beautiful smile.
8. He always tries to do the right thing.
9. He is a funny guy.
10. He likes to be on time to everything.

These are just some of the reasons why Matt is such a great guy and brother. So here's to you Matt on your birthday(tomorrow)! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Matthew! Happy Birthday to you! I love you! Have a great birthday!