Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wedding

On October 15, 2011 Michelle got are a few pictures from the wedding. I actually didn't get the best pictures so cross my fingers we will get the photographers pictures soon, but until then, enjoy these.
 The Bride and Groom

 Katie-Anne and I at the rehersal the night before the wedding.
 The tables.
 Flowers on the sign in table
 Flowers that were on columns for the ceremony
 Centerpieces (above and below)

 The ceremony was at one of Michelle's co-workers backyard.
 The tables
 Head table with the wedding party
 Bubbles and Me
Bride and Groom, one of the only pictures I got from the front of her dress..yes I know..I'm sorry! When we get the photographers pictures I will try and post more. The wedding day was VERY HOT AND MUGGY!! I mean it was October it was supposed to be really nice weather...wrong...Oh well. The wedding started a little late due to Michelle forgeting something at home so we were all baking for a while, but other than that it turned out very nice.

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Zion And Missy said...

Beautiful dress, beautiful flowers, beautiful Michelle (and Sharon). :)
One thing girl...make the words on your blog bigger. Maybe its just me and my bad eye sight, but other than that, I am so glad the wedding was wonderful. And always...great pictures Sharon Rowley!! Miss you tons!